sd-cmdline-onefile - commandline interface to Scene Detector - search for shots in single file, save output about shots to output file and then quit.


Commandline options:

sd-cmdline-onefile-h|--help ]

sd-cmdline-onefile--cpus=1 ] [ --append-coeff ] [ --marker-prefix=Autoscene ] [ --threshold=0.85 ] [ --outputtype  csv|html|fcp|edl|internal ]  inputfile   outputfile


This utility uses Scene Detector internal interfaces to run a scene detection on a single input file. The information about scenes found is stored in output file. Names of input and output files must be specified. Output file will be silently replaced, if exists.

All commandline options that affect detection are optional; you are not required to specify them. Default values for the options are shownin the SYNOPSIS above.


Input file should be video file. Specifying FCP XML files is not supported currently.

Unlike interactive version of Scene Detector, splitting video file into pieces, one for each scene, is not supported.

If you wish any of the limitations above to be removed, just contact us at


Trial version of commandline interface to Scene Detector outputs information about every 2nd scene. I.e. it reports only half of the scenes, skipping each second scene.

Also only first 5 minutes of media are analyzed.

Purchase a non-trial edition to use the product without limitations.


Sample commandline:

sd-cmdline-onefile --outputtype csv --cpus=2 /tmp/ /tmp/file.csv


For batch processing all media files inside single directory, use sd-cmdline-wholedir.command script inside this directory. it calls this script (i.e. sd-cmdline-onefile) for each file in the directory specified, and stores information in the output directory into file with same name. Open that script with TextEdit, put full path to input and output directories, desired commandline options for sd-cmdline-onefile and then double-click on it in Finder to run batch processing.


This script is part of Scene Detector Pro from